What is Ocean Playgrounds?

Ocean Playground is a 100% owned and operated Nova Scotia manufacturing company, specializing in commercial playgrounds and park amenities. With over 20 years of servicing the local Maritime market.

We have recently expanded our product line to include our new cost effective Gulf line(3.5”). The new Gulf line allows all customers to dream up even larger playground projects but staying within the confines of their budgets. And we have revamped our Atlantic line (5”) to accommodate even more climbing and connecting features to add value for our customers.


Who is Ocean Playgrounds?

Because we are here for you and your playground projects, Ocean Playgrounds is a fully CSA certified commercial playground manufacturer located in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Our staff includes fully accredited engineers, welders, designers and sales team that have your project’s safety in mind.


How do I contact Ocean Playgrounds?

We want to keep it simple so give us a call at our 1-800-667-7529.  You can fire us off an email as well info@oceanplaygrounds.ca or sales@oceanplaygrounds.ca

You can also fill in the form below and we will get back to you as fast as we can.

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